Why should I barter?

By using trade dollars wisely, our members are able to use trade to pay for expenses they would have otherwise cash for. Using barter services like Trust Acadiana allows business owners to:

Increase Sales:

When it is all said and done, the real benefit to bartering is to drive business to you that would not normally have come.  It is business networking with the incentive of the barter dollar to direct others in that same network to your business.  It changes the buying habits of those within the network.  No longer will members go to just any vendor.  No longer will they go to the first they find, the closest, the cheapest, or even someone they personally know.  Because they have this barter currency available to them, they will direct their purchasing decisions first to within the network instead of spending their cash for those same products and services.

Save Cash:

Members of the exchange will want to start using their barter dollars for as many of their regular re-occuring expenses as possible, thus saving their cash.  Next time you need a plumber, use trade dollars - not cash.  Next time you need to visit the dentist, trade instead of spending your cash.  Your office needs painting? Trade. Who is performing your janitorial services?  Think about the cash that could be saved!  Why spend your hard earned cash when you can trade?

Expand their networks:

This is a networking group.  However, unlike other groups who meet for the occasional lunch, make presentations, and demand referrals to stimulate that networking, a barter system only needs the natural incentive of the trade dollar.  Social events are still planned, but they are truly social and not designed to force activity, but develop relationships.

Reward their employees:

Many business find barter to be a great way to supplement their own employee benefits.  Since the barter network has dentists, orthodontists, physicians, etc., many members find it a great help to provide these benefits to themselves and their employees without spending their cash.  It is also a great way to bonus deserving employees and offer other performance incentives.  Many businesses provide their employees and/or customers with Trust Acadiana Gift Cards that are good at certain exchange member businesses and purchased with trade dollars.