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I've met Robert several times at Trust Acadiana functions and through Louisiana Special Systems we've done some work at his business, but I MUST share this story about my experience with his company Tuesday (Jan. 7) night. 

I, with limited tools, a multi-meter, a couple of screw drivers, a butter knife and some duct tape, undertook the job of repairing my ill mother's hot water heater. After my fruitless efforts and at a loss of what to do, I thought about Rob and Trust Acadiana.

I called his number and his answering service picked up and said he, the OWNER, was on call. I sheepishly asked if she could ask him to give me a call. 

Within minutes my phone rang with Rob on the phone. Not only did he graciously offer to assist me with what i thought was a faulty element, but he stayed on the phone with me for 30 minutes or so and instructed me through the troubleshooting steps. 

Rob had kids to put to bed and I'm sure a ton of other things to do but without hesitation he stayed with me on the phone as I struggled to troubleshoot. In the end, ONLY through Rob's help, I was able to identify and correct the problem, repairing the hot water heater and providing my ill mother with hot water and peace of mind. 

If you think this is a Public Service Announcement for 5 Star Plumbing, think again. This is a true story and without Rob's help I would have ended up spending hundreds of dollars repairing and or replacing a hot water heater.

I definitely owed it to him to spread this great news amongst our 240 members. We are blessed to have 5 Star Plumbing as a part of our organization.

Personally, thanks Rob. I sincerely appereciate your help last night. 

Ron Pitre, Ron Pitre Photography