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What avenues are you exploring to increase the profitability of your business in 2014? Do you intend to add new products or services to attract new customers? If you are fortunate enough to have the available resources to advertise your business, are you planning on extending your advertising reach? Are you considering adding or stepping up the social media presence of your business? Maybe you are considering streamlining your operation to increase your bottom line!

The above stated proposals are all viable ideas you may be considering to increase the profitability of your business. When you get down to "the brass tax" of increasing profits for your business it really comes down to two things. Owners must either increase their customer base (additional sales) or decrease their overhead (reduce expenses). Although this sounds simple enough, the fact is that these two things can be extremely difficult to achieve. 

This very hard to attain dynamic that can hold the key to your businesses future is exactly where membership into Trust Acadiana factors into the equation. Membership has it's benefits with the primary one being we funnel new customers to our member's businesses and this we will GUARANTEE! Aligning your business with us creates a new stream of revenue for your business which you may then use to pay your expenses thus reducing your overhead! 

How we make this happen is very simple, does not require a huge financial committment, and can be easily implemented into your business in a matter of hours. We invite all Acadiana based businesses that are looking to get a leg up on their competition in 2014 to give us a look. 

Rick Watkins 

Executive Director

Trust Acadiana, Inc.




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